Why it seems Google is intending to outcast SEO?

Google is again on the front page and the current news is related to something more interesting than perpetual legal disputes with tech companies.

At the current moment, Google is actually in a dispute with e-ventures LLC and if you are curious regarding who this e-venture is then this is what they have had to say:

“e-ventures Worldwide, LLC is the leading provider of professional reviews and ratings identifying the best products and services in an ever-expanding collection of verticals. We achieve this through a proprietary approach to analysis and evaluation developed by industry analysis and research professionals. We continue to expand and improve our metrics based on the latest research and innovations crafted by competing vendors.”

However, we are not sure what this means yet unarguably it seems great. Either way, it is a true fact that a case is on the way through Florida District Court which is actually the news on the screen now. Well, it is surprising that the various SEO forums are still not aware of this issue or has made a special dish out of it. Moreover, this is in reality a first of its kind and the outcome can decide on the way SEO community views this as well as Google views it with the powers it has.

Here, it seems that e-ventures have challenged Google on its right to exclude listing from the search engine and going by logic the answer is actually yes. Well, the search engine has all the rights to manage its results and at the end it is our choice to use their search engine or not. In that case, Google applied their First Amendment Rights in which they will have the right to do what they want with their index.

However, the judge threw it out!!

Now, according to e-ventures Google had all its websites as well as search results unfairly de-indexed and at the same time the new websites was removed quickly in order to guard its paid search business. At this point, the fact is that the more effective the SEO is then the less we will have to pay to Google advertising and in other words eliminating the SEO efforts by e-ventures. On the other hand, e-ventures also specified that by removing the websites Google itself is going against the removal policies which means e-ventures is being specifically targeted and removing websites that are affiliated without enough required evidence about if the sites has actually broken the Google’s website policy or not?

Well, Google stayed in one place with its First Amendment Rights but the truth is that here we are not dealing with speech to make it specific.

We are actually dealing with ‘index’ and that is why the judge dismissed their defense. Also, e-ventures claimed that in order to have this thing worked it would require editorial judgment rather than ant-competitive intentions yet Google tried to hassle with other laws but the judge did not seemed to be convinced and thereby by sided it in every turn.

Google has then restored all the websites, but it did not stop the case from continuation.

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