7 Issues to Avoid That Hinder User Experience

7 user experience

With passage of time, search engines are also gearing up to provide better user experience so that clicking at the well ranked sites does not end up in disappointment.

Hence, if you have user-experience issues it can deeply impact your ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

To improve your ranking in SERPs, here are some issues which is better to be avoided.

  • Interstitials Use

When the user is attempting interact with the content of your website, interstitials might be a distraction leading to the visitor closing the tab of you website. Even they are commonly given, but search engines have stated that they can be a reason for negative ranking of sites.

Therefore making best use of interstitials should be limited to key pages. Using interstitials should be relevant. Also tracking should be setup properly to identify the problem by reviewing metrics like bounce rate and time on page.

  • Loading Time

The basic problem of slow loading pages is that it prevents search engines to track your website conveniently. It does not matter, if you have user-friendly website or have responsive design slow loading will negate your ranking.

In that case following should be kept in mind:

  1. Editing excess as well as useless codes.
  2. Eradicating useless redirects.
  3. Leveraging of caching practices for resources of static.
  4. Optimizing images. 
  • Page Formatting

The more your pages are scan-able or readable for users makes it better for search engines to notice your website. Search engines always like pages with good headers, sub headers, things that can be easily read and noticeable in contents. This helps in betterment of user experience and thereby creates positive impact on search engine rankings.

  • Hidden content

It is a very bad experience for users to find the right content after surfing through many pages in a website. It is also disrespecting a user when a person has to go through many pages and also click on “read more”.

The best way is to make the valuable information visible easily so that a user does not have to work hard.

  • Irrelevant content

The other elements in a page like ads and other nuisance brings a bad user experience because it distracts the visitor when he is trying to concentrate on something.

Hence, it is better to remove things that affect a better user-experience. This is among the crucial issues that lead to low ranking of websites in search engine result pages.

  • Mobile Experience

The last spring Google updated its algorithm that those websites which are mobile friendly will be given much favor.

Therefore, the better it is if your website is optimized for any digital device that supports internet. This will also help your website to go up in the SERP.

  • Security of site

Even Google has also stated last year that HTTPS will now be factor in SERPs. Similar to mobile friendly website, site with HTTPS will get more preference from search engines.

So, its better you start slowly to secure your website by different means that are available.


Hence, now that you are aware, take the proper steps to ensure the better ranking of your website.

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