5 Ways to Get Free yet Legitimate Backlinks Easily

5 ways to earn valuable backlinks

When it comes to search engine optimization or what we simply call SEO, backlinks are still the most successful way to boost website ranking and get authentic online traffic. While many experts suggest creating quality content as a way to get a lot of traffic, most people swiftly find out that content it will rarely work. It always needs to be complemented by superior SEO.

Since backlinks are integral part of standard SEO practices, you must find the ways to get good backlinks without paying for them. Here are few ways to get instant backlinks:

Use Resources Such As Help a Reporter Out

It is essentially a service that connects reporters to experts and content providers. The scheme is that reporters usually cite their sources, and if you become their foundation, you almost mechanically get a mention or a free backlink from a trustworthy media website. When you sign up with such an arrangement as a source, you start getting daily emails from them that include all the reporters that need a source for their content.

Search for Niche content

The next way to get a backlink is to search content such as best of content, link roundups, and topic resources based on your topic and signifying your website to the article author. Find blog sites, roundup articles and best educational resources. Once you find the articles where you think your website would fit in adequately, the next job is to simply contact the writer and recommend your website.

Take help from guest blogging platforms

There are numerous niche blog sites where you can participate as guest bloggers to make your brand popular. You have to find niche sites where you can express your ideas about your website or business and grab attention of world audience. This helps in getting quality backlinks as people would surely visit your posts and your website.

Participate in Questions & Answers

Although this process will not essentially get you high quality backlinks, it will still get you honest and legitimate backlinks. And while some of them might be no-follow, they still have some impact on your general SEO strategy and achievement.

You can choose platforms like Yahoo Answers, Quora and other question and answer websites like StackExchange, Answers.com and so on.

So, be smart and apply all the latest tricks to get backlinks to your website and boost the ranking of your website and get genuine and top quality traffic, easily.

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