5 Tips to Augment Your Productivity as an SEO Whiz

With great job comes great responsibility; similarly with good Search Engine Optimization powers, comes great responsibility too. Much of client sites rankings on search results depend on the way you apply the best on and off page optimization practices on them. However, your knowledge of search engine optimization is not an indicator of your performance. The way you use your time in getting a job done also plays a vital part in your work as a SEO specialist.

Your knowledge may encompass the latest and advanced SEO technology and methods, but that would all be useless if you can’t deliver your time on time. Therefore, you need to know the correct method to maximize your time with the latest SEO tasks in order to finish early and leave more time to accommodate clients.  Learn to use tools that will assist in accelerate your SEO campaign research.

image credit:http://topnetseo.com/

image credit:http://topnetseo.com/

A faction of your SEO knowledge involves learning the ways on how to use the different SEO tools to help manage your campaigns more efficiently. This blog post will provide you information on tools that will help research the most appropriate keywords to optimize for your site and bring in backlinks much faster. Some useful tools that you can use include:

  • Buzzstream- Stop using Google for influencers and bloggers to reach out or get link. Use this tool instead to cut down the time spent on link prospective. You can profile your leads using this tool; track your progress with each of them after you have sent them an email.
  • Monitor Backlinks- Instead of continuously updating your spreadsheet for latest acquired links and recording competitor links, this tool is the perfect one for you. Monitor Backlinks helps you to identify the good links in your profile and feature metrics on each site with your backlinks in it.
  • Raven Tools- If collaborating with specialists for any specific SEO project, this tool encompasses all SEO features to work together, delegate tasks, and make workflow efficient. This tool allows to see visual reports that any non-seo client with easily understand.

Calculate Results Effectively

Learning the way to track and measure performance of any SEO campaign will inform you about the actionable items that you need to execute immediately to further improve the efforts and the results. Installing Google Analytics to your website is simply a necessity. However, you require an understanding of the different metrics that should needs tracking in order to determine the efficiency of your campaign. If you are trying to optimize your landing page, you can use content analytics feature of a tool SumoMe to understand the level of engagement with the visitors of your page.

The inclination of a visitor is that they usually leave within seconds after scrolling down the page. This analytics tool will inform you the number of visitors who have stayed after scrolling down the page. Once you have the necessary data, your responsibility is to keep their attention until the bottom of the page, so the conversion rates increase.

Use Project Management Tool

Managing SEO tasks is impossible if you do not have a tool to organize and prioritize each work. Project management tools are there for this reason. Even if you are a part of any organization or if you are working alone, tools such as Asana, Evernote, Trello, etc should keep you on track of your tasks and deliverables for the day. In fact, these tools can be used outside work.

Removing Distractions

The affinity of people using the computer is how easily they get distracted. Instead of working on any particular SEO task, you find yourself watching useless videos in YouTube or chatting with friends on Facebook. In order to stop this bad habit and to focus more on work at hand, use time tracking tools that will prevent you from browsing time wasting websites and keep a tab of time spent on the job. These tools are important especially when your client requests for time sheet of all the SEO tasks you did for their sites.

Wake up Early

Now you might want to know what waking up early has to do with being an SEO expert. A study conducted by Harvard Business Review states the people who wake up early are primed to succeed as they are more proactive. Therefore, if you want the experience that early birds are bound to experience, then you require waking up early. This way you can get around with your work faster.

watch - wake up early

image credit: http://topnetseo.com/

SEO can be done with sheer skill, but if you want to improve and have more clients then you must have a desire to learn and be disciplined. The tips mentioned here will help you to make most of your skills and unlock your true potential as a SEO expert.

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