5 Ways to Get Free yet Legitimate Backlinks Easily

5 ways to earn valuable backlinks

When it comes to search engine optimization or what we simply call SEO, backlinks are still the most successful way to boost website ranking and get authentic online traffic. While many experts suggest creating quality content as a way to get a lot of traffic, most people swiftly find out that content it will rarely work. It always needs to be complemented by superior SEO.

Since backlinks are integral part of standard SEO practices, you must find the ways to get good backlinks without paying for them. Here are few ways to get instant backlinks:

Use Resources Such As Help a Reporter Out

It is essentially a service that connects reporters to experts and content providers. The scheme is that reporters usually cite their sources, and if you become their foundation, you almost mechanically get a mention or a free backlink from a trustworthy media website. When you sign up with such an arrangement as a source, you start getting daily emails from them that include all the reporters that need a source for their content.

Search for Niche content

The next way to get a backlink is to search content such as best of content, link roundups, and topic resources based on your topic and signifying your website to the article author. Find blog sites, roundup articles and best educational resources. Once you find the articles where you think your website would fit in adequately, the next job is to simply contact the writer and recommend your website.

Take help from guest blogging platforms

There are numerous niche blog sites where you can participate as guest bloggers to make your brand popular. You have to find niche sites where you can express your ideas about your website or business and grab attention of world audience. This helps in getting quality backlinks as people would surely visit your posts and your website.

Participate in Questions & Answers

Although this process will not essentially get you high quality backlinks, it will still get you honest and legitimate backlinks. And while some of them might be no-follow, they still have some impact on your general SEO strategy and achievement.

You can choose platforms like Yahoo Answers, Quora and other question and answer websites like StackExchange, Answers.com and so on.

So, be smart and apply all the latest tricks to get backlinks to your website and boost the ranking of your website and get genuine and top quality traffic, easily.

Why it seems Google is intending to outcast SEO?

Google is again on the front page and the current news is related to something more interesting than perpetual legal disputes with tech companies.

At the current moment, Google is actually in a dispute with e-ventures LLC and if you are curious regarding who this e-venture is then this is what they have had to say:

“e-ventures Worldwide, LLC is the leading provider of professional reviews and ratings identifying the best products and services in an ever-expanding collection of verticals. We achieve this through a proprietary approach to analysis and evaluation developed by industry analysis and research professionals. We continue to expand and improve our metrics based on the latest research and innovations crafted by competing vendors.”

However, we are not sure what this means yet unarguably it seems great. Either way, it is a true fact that a case is on the way through Florida District Court which is actually the news on the screen now. Well, it is surprising that the various SEO forums are still not aware of this issue or has made a special dish out of it. Moreover, this is in reality a first of its kind and the outcome can decide on the way SEO community views this as well as Google views it with the powers it has.

Here, it seems that e-ventures have challenged Google on its right to exclude listing from the search engine and going by logic the answer is actually yes. Well, the search engine has all the rights to manage its results and at the end it is our choice to use their search engine or not. In that case, Google applied their First Amendment Rights in which they will have the right to do what they want with their index.

However, the judge threw it out!!

Now, according to e-ventures Google had all its websites as well as search results unfairly de-indexed and at the same time the new websites was removed quickly in order to guard its paid search business. At this point, the fact is that the more effective the SEO is then the less we will have to pay to Google advertising and in other words eliminating the SEO efforts by e-ventures. On the other hand, e-ventures also specified that by removing the websites Google itself is going against the removal policies which means e-ventures is being specifically targeted and removing websites that are affiliated without enough required evidence about if the sites has actually broken the Google’s website policy or not?

Well, Google stayed in one place with its First Amendment Rights but the truth is that here we are not dealing with speech to make it specific.

We are actually dealing with ‘index’ and that is why the judge dismissed their defense. Also, e-ventures claimed that in order to have this thing worked it would require editorial judgment rather than ant-competitive intentions yet Google tried to hassle with other laws but the judge did not seemed to be convinced and thereby by sided it in every turn.

Google has then restored all the websites, but it did not stop the case from continuation.

7 Issues to Avoid That Hinder User Experience

7 user experience

With passage of time, search engines are also gearing up to provide better user experience so that clicking at the well ranked sites does not end up in disappointment.

Hence, if you have user-experience issues it can deeply impact your ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

To improve your ranking in SERPs, here are some issues which is better to be avoided.

  • Interstitials Use

When the user is attempting interact with the content of your website, interstitials might be a distraction leading to the visitor closing the tab of you website. Even they are commonly given, but search engines have stated that they can be a reason for negative ranking of sites.

Therefore making best use of interstitials should be limited to key pages. Using interstitials should be relevant. Also tracking should be setup properly to identify the problem by reviewing metrics like bounce rate and time on page.

  • Loading Time

The basic problem of slow loading pages is that it prevents search engines to track your website conveniently. It does not matter, if you have user-friendly website or have responsive design slow loading will negate your ranking.

In that case following should be kept in mind:

  1. Editing excess as well as useless codes.
  2. Eradicating useless redirects.
  3. Leveraging of caching practices for resources of static.
  4. Optimizing images. 
  • Page Formatting

The more your pages are scan-able or readable for users makes it better for search engines to notice your website. Search engines always like pages with good headers, sub headers, things that can be easily read and noticeable in contents. This helps in betterment of user experience and thereby creates positive impact on search engine rankings.

  • Hidden content

It is a very bad experience for users to find the right content after surfing through many pages in a website. It is also disrespecting a user when a person has to go through many pages and also click on “read more”.

The best way is to make the valuable information visible easily so that a user does not have to work hard.

  • Irrelevant content

The other elements in a page like ads and other nuisance brings a bad user experience because it distracts the visitor when he is trying to concentrate on something.

Hence, it is better to remove things that affect a better user-experience. This is among the crucial issues that lead to low ranking of websites in search engine result pages.

  • Mobile Experience

The last spring Google updated its algorithm that those websites which are mobile friendly will be given much favor.

Therefore, the better it is if your website is optimized for any digital device that supports internet. This will also help your website to go up in the SERP.

  • Security of site

Even Google has also stated last year that HTTPS will now be factor in SERPs. Similar to mobile friendly website, site with HTTPS will get more preference from search engines.

So, its better you start slowly to secure your website by different means that are available.


Hence, now that you are aware, take the proper steps to ensure the better ranking of your website.

How DISLIKE button in Facebook can affect us?

Facebook Dislike Button


A recent announcement by Facebook and Mark Zuckenberg stated that they have been working on the “Dislike” button so that users get the chance to express their emotions other than just liking a post. The main reason being, that users should be able to express their empathy at times when they do not like a post by one of their friend.

This news has made many people happy, as the request for expressing different emotion than just a “Like”, was conveyed by Facebook users many times. On the other hand, this news has become a matter of concern for business organizations and other marketers who use Facebook to advertise their services. A “Dislike” button will not only bring negative feedback but also can be a danger to online reputation of such organizations.

“People have asked about the ‘Dislike’ button for many years, and probably hundreds of people have asked about this, and today is a special day because today is the day that I actually get to say we are working on it, and are very close to shipping a test of it. Not every moment is a good moment if you share something that’s sad like a refugee crisis that touches you or a family member passes away, it may not be comfortable to like that post. I do think it’s important to give people more options than liking it.”

— Mark Zuckerberg

Effect of “Dislike”

When a post gets many likes, it appears more often in the feed of a follower. This leads to more people getting a glimpse of the same post and thereby adds to likes, shares, comments and clicks. Imagine what will happen if the option of “Dislike” will come into action? Well right now we don’t have any idea but assuming it can be said that many “Dislike” might bring just the opposite effect of many “Like”.

Dearth of engagement

It is not unknown that a comment proves to be of better value than likes. However, the arrival of “Dislike” button can even prevent Facebook users from commenting on posts or pages and even images.

Will it add any positive value?

Although we are still not sure how this thing is going to work but one thing is sure that the application of “Dislike” will bring more freedom in Facebook to express individual opinions.

On the other hand, people and business organization will surely be able to judge their actions from a positive perspective.

As the announcement has been made two weeks ago, since then there has been no new updates, but we are waiting for Facebook to open up more on this “Dislike” issue.

5 Tips to Augment Your Productivity as an SEO Whiz

With great job comes great responsibility; similarly with good Search Engine Optimization powers, comes great responsibility too. Much of client sites rankings on search results depend on the way you apply the best on and off page optimization practices on them. However, your knowledge of search engine optimization is not an indicator of your performance. The way you use your time in getting a job done also plays a vital part in your work as a SEO specialist.

Your knowledge may encompass the latest and advanced SEO technology and methods, but that would all be useless if you can’t deliver your time on time. Therefore, you need to know the correct method to maximize your time with the latest SEO tasks in order to finish early and leave more time to accommodate clients.  Learn to use tools that will assist in accelerate your SEO campaign research.

image credit:http://topnetseo.com/

image credit:http://topnetseo.com/

A faction of your SEO knowledge involves learning the ways on how to use the different SEO tools to help manage your campaigns more efficiently. This blog post will provide you information on tools that will help research the most appropriate keywords to optimize for your site and bring in backlinks much faster. Some useful tools that you can use include:

  • Buzzstream- Stop using Google for influencers and bloggers to reach out or get link. Use this tool instead to cut down the time spent on link prospective. You can profile your leads using this tool; track your progress with each of them after you have sent them an email.
  • Monitor Backlinks- Instead of continuously updating your spreadsheet for latest acquired links and recording competitor links, this tool is the perfect one for you. Monitor Backlinks helps you to identify the good links in your profile and feature metrics on each site with your backlinks in it.
  • Raven Tools- If collaborating with specialists for any specific SEO project, this tool encompasses all SEO features to work together, delegate tasks, and make workflow efficient. This tool allows to see visual reports that any non-seo client with easily understand.

Calculate Results Effectively

Learning the way to track and measure performance of any SEO campaign will inform you about the actionable items that you need to execute immediately to further improve the efforts and the results. Installing Google Analytics to your website is simply a necessity. However, you require an understanding of the different metrics that should needs tracking in order to determine the efficiency of your campaign. If you are trying to optimize your landing page, you can use content analytics feature of a tool SumoMe to understand the level of engagement with the visitors of your page.

The inclination of a visitor is that they usually leave within seconds after scrolling down the page. This analytics tool will inform you the number of visitors who have stayed after scrolling down the page. Once you have the necessary data, your responsibility is to keep their attention until the bottom of the page, so the conversion rates increase.

Use Project Management Tool

Managing SEO tasks is impossible if you do not have a tool to organize and prioritize each work. Project management tools are there for this reason. Even if you are a part of any organization or if you are working alone, tools such as Asana, Evernote, Trello, etc should keep you on track of your tasks and deliverables for the day. In fact, these tools can be used outside work.

Removing Distractions

The affinity of people using the computer is how easily they get distracted. Instead of working on any particular SEO task, you find yourself watching useless videos in YouTube or chatting with friends on Facebook. In order to stop this bad habit and to focus more on work at hand, use time tracking tools that will prevent you from browsing time wasting websites and keep a tab of time spent on the job. These tools are important especially when your client requests for time sheet of all the SEO tasks you did for their sites.

Wake up Early

Now you might want to know what waking up early has to do with being an SEO expert. A study conducted by Harvard Business Review states the people who wake up early are primed to succeed as they are more proactive. Therefore, if you want the experience that early birds are bound to experience, then you require waking up early. This way you can get around with your work faster.

watch - wake up early

image credit: http://topnetseo.com/

SEO can be done with sheer skill, but if you want to improve and have more clients then you must have a desire to learn and be disciplined. The tips mentioned here will help you to make most of your skills and unlock your true potential as a SEO expert.

Zoom Web Media Offers Optimized Bing Listing for Small Businesses

Summary: If you are interested to explore further into the new optimizing strategy offered by the company, then gathering an understanding of the procedure is required. Apart from that, an in depth explanation of the package should help. This piece of writing will be able to assist according in this context.

This is the advanced age with better technologies, better status of living and growing huger in people for earning more money. If you do not keep up with that, your business will start losing ground and will be completely lost before long. If you do not want such a thing to happen, then it is quite important to take certain steps to ensure the very opposite. The best way is initiating and strengthening your internet presence and in order to do that you need help from professionals like Zoom Web Media and its team of experienced SEOs.

It is the job of these professionals to get your business or website or brand name or product optimized in the search engine. It may sound to be a simple and unimportant thing, but when it comes to the larger picture; its importance will leave your awestruck. Amongst the various aspects and strategies used by these professionals, local listing is regarded to be one of the most important and effective measures. If you are interested to make the business shine amongst the hoard of competitors, then it is time to gather some idea and put a plan in motion.

It is quite true that, before committing to any plan, you need to understand the importance of the procedure and know about its benefits. Along with that, it is also crucial to know that, keeping your gaining in mind Zoom Web Media has come up with a combined local listing or optimizing package including both Google and Bing. It may sound a little unusual, because most people are comfortable with getting Google optimization only because; this is the largest and most famous search engine. This company though understands the potential and opportunities offered by Bing and its newest policies. So, the professionals are trying to capture the best of both the search engines before your competitors can.

Keeping this in mind, the combined package of Google and Bing local listings have been crafted in the first place. Before choosing the package though, you also need to know about the benefits of the same, which will make your decision making a lot easier than you thought possible. The points that you need to know in this context are:

  • Getting proper brand recognition: When you are a newbie in the market, no one seems very enthusiastic about buying products from you. This keeps on getting solved as the name of your company and products start to get more and more familiar. Through local listing, your products will get that very coveted recognition which will help it to impress potential buyers and covert them into actual buyers.
  • Increasing visibility of the company website: A customer always feel more comfortable while dealing with businesses in his or her local area and that is why; he or she searches for one every time there is the need to buy anything. They also tend to buy from the companies ranked high in the local listing of the search engine. With the help of higher ranks in the local listing, your business or brand name will get more visibility. Moreover, as there won’t be any need for a middleman or unnecessary transportation, the cost will also be quite low. So, he or she will be able to trust your business and products as well. All in all, such kind of visibility is something which will allow you to have more traffic in the website and eventually turning quite a few of them into your customer.
  • Increased website traffic: When your website or business or brand name is there quite up in the search engine, more and more people will see you as a trustworthy source for a certain product or service. As a result, they would like to explore more and enter the website to find out if they are right or not. In a word, being up there increases the amount of traffic getting into your website and needless to mention, that, naturally some of these traffic will then turn into customers and help you to earn more profit.
  • You can earn more:: With better visibility, more traffic, you chances of getting more customers will get realized. This is because of the fact that, due to these simple steps, your website or brand name or business will come across as a reliable and worthy of purchasing option which people will feel interested to opt for. Amongst the huge number of people feeling in this way, few will indeed buy things or services from you. So, your customer base and number will grow and it will help you to earn more than before. Indeed that is a huge benefit for choose such a strategy in the first place.

So, after knowing about these benefits, you can actually feel the need to go for the combined local listing package for both Google and Bing from Zoom Web Media and indeed will take the wise step forward towards a better future.

Zoom Web Media allows the freedom to choose services specific to your business type

Summary: Gaining an idea about your options and limits help with proper choice of the service that should be explored and hired. Zoom Web Media will be able to provide you with that insight and help make your choice easier.

When Zoom Web Media, the company came into existence, it was with the aim to help small and medium businesses with various web development and SEO services. Years have passed since then and we have also evolved to be at par with the market and client requirements. We have crafted and revised different of our service packages and policies to heighten their user friendly nature. Along with that, our company has done regular reviews of the market and policies followed by other companies. So, we have a clear idea about what the others are offering which has helped tremendously with creating our very own services.

In all these years of existence and market reviewing, we have come to know about a simple yet worrisome fact about some web development companies. Most of these companies tend to force their clients to opt for SEO, SMO, ORM, web designing and such services together. This is simply done with the target of extracting more and more money for the unsuspecting client who is not an expert in SEO, yet wants the best for his or her business. In such a vulnerable position, it is extremely easy to manipulate them in paying more than necessary.

Keeping this picture in mind, we at Zoom Web Media have reorganized our services making sure that, the client can opt for services which are required. He or she is never forced to buy a service that is completely useless. So, according to the new policy by us, a business owner is completely free to choose the service that is most beneficial for him or her. It means, you won’t be forced to buy a package that has no necessity for your kind of business at all. Yes, it may become a little tough to choose the best service required, but the experts from the company will assist in that aspect.

For instance, if you own a restaurant, SMO service will pay off the most for you and not SEO. So, you should be opting for SMO and nothing else. We will give you the freedom to do exactly that and won’t force you to buy something just to extract money. If you are an industrialist or are associated with something similar, SEO should the best bet. Our company will ensure that, you get that service only and get best results. No other company will allow you to have such freedom and that is why; we are peerless in proper service providing and client satisfaction.

How Zoom Web Media can be assistive towards the betterment of your business?

Summary: An answer to this particular question can actually change the facade of your business. That is why; it should be attempted and this piece of writing will be able to assist with the effectiveness of Zoom Web Media.

If you are the owner of a business, then the chance of an expansion or betterment will indeed be extremely viable for you. It indeed the dream, to own a business which has a retainable and powerful presence in the global market and every owner harbors and nurtures the dream as best as he can. The only problem with it is, not everyone has the resource or capability of taking the trade into such a height. This is why; certain methods have been introduced in the market and people are getting privy to that in order to exploit the chance to the fullest.

So, if you are interested about the same, then it is crucial to gather information on the topic and then try and apply the said methods to accomplish the goal you have in mind. It is just not possible to handle all of it unless you are an expert and opting for professional help is the best option in such a case. There are companies like Zoom Web Media which are capable of helping and you are free to choose any one of them. If the above mentioned company is to be taken into consideration, then you will need information on it.

Zoom Web Media is a company which can provide with web designing, complete web development, SEO, content management, content package and almost everything that a business may need to make its presence felt in the virtual world. It comes with an experienced, competent and highly accomplished team of professionals who are capable of help in such a situation. They will create a website, optimize it for the search engine and make sure that it remains visible in the virtual world. As a result, whenever someone interested enough searches with a certain keyword, your business will be there in the search engine giving off the feeling of reliability, reputation and trust.

Finally, it can be said that, with some well planned help in strategic places from this company gathering the required amount of traffic or even more than that will become a reality. This will then culminate into a better business, more profit earning and all over betterment of the business. It is true that, the company must be told about your mission, vision, requirements and goal. Depending on that picture they will be able to work properly and bring your dream into life making it utterly successful without too much trouble of investment.

Best SMO Strategies Followed by Zoom Web Media

“Go viral” and “go social”, have been the buzz words of our present day. And social media marketing plays the most significant role here. Now this is the best method of virtual marketing, viral advertising and lead generation. With the aid of hot social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram, businesses can easily reach their prospective customers waiting for them across the globe. Now businesses can reap a rich harvest of social media marketing and give their business a big boost in terms of marketing, sales promotion and lead generation.

Zoom Web Media is the best SMO Company in Australia offering a comprehensive range SMO services. With its quality solutions, target oriented palling and affordable services, Zoom Web Media ensure a number of things through its end to end SMO solution.

Have a glance at below to know advantages, which this best SMO company in Australia assures you.

  • Creating Brand Identity
  • Improved and Increased Traffic Volume
  • Increased inbound links and direct referrals
  • Generating leads
  • Networking with the best companies and industries
  • Reaching targeted groups and customers
  • Increased search engine rankings
  • Negligible media costs
  • Creating right brand image

What you can do on social media sites.

  • Forum Marketing
  • Blog Marketing
  • Online Press Release Writing and Distribution
  • Article Writing and Article Submissions

Creating Brand Identity

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram help in good branding. On Facebook, the social media giant, businesses can create fan pages to arrest the attention of the viewers and attract the new groups which have the common area of interest. On it, business can upload new products, images and textual contents to get in touch with their existing consumers and get their opinion about a new product or something like. It helps business create very good brand image, as it aids the companies to correct and rectify their mistakes and loopholes. On twitter, you can create business pages and share business links to bring organic traffic. On Linkedin, you can have a number of people belong to your domain. Keep sharing your product images and posting links to have get people connected on your page. On Pinterest you can upload attractive images to interest people by proving once aging an image is more than a voluminous textual content.

Improved and Increased Traffic Volume

Social media sites Facebook and twitter bring more traffic on your site. If you keep posting links, comments and inviting people on your page, you are sure to have an increased traffic volume. On Facebook, you can search the similar groups and invites them to come and like your business pages. You can post comments on other pages with a link of your official websites. Liking and posting links on other fan pages are also highly beneficial for improved and increased traffic volume.

The Different Aspects of Zoom Web Media Web Designing Skills and Their Benefits

Web designing, the term had taken the market by a storm quite a few years back and it is growing steadily since then. This basically means the method of designing websites and making the people of the world, aware of a new company, its products or services. Zoom Web Media thinks this is not something that should be taken lightly. This is because of the fact that, web design is that particular area on which the virtual presence of a brand or person, reliability, reputation and goodwill of the same depends quite a lot. So, you need to choose a reliable and reputed company for doing such a job.

Web designing may seem like a simple job, but it is not. With the most advanced technology and assisting programs, it is not at all simple to manage all the aspects of web designing single handedly if you are not an expert of the same. In order to become an expert, it is crucial to have proper training on the topic. It is not going to be a tough matter though, because there are loads of organizations which are capable of helping. You need to gather as much information on this topic as possible and then get enrolled into one of the organizations to gain the mastery of the subject.

Now, if you do not want to go through all those nitty-gritty and details of the whole procedure, then it is quite crucial to have proper professional help. This can be easily accessed and hire from the market. There are loads of companies and individuals who are offering such services and you are free to choose any of them according to the requirement. Once that part is done with, there are certain other points to be looked into. For instance, things like,

  • Color Code
  • Theme Of The Site
  • Whether It Is Going To Be Responsive Or Not
  • Pictures And Animations To Be Used
  • Number Of Pages
  • Quality of the flash being used should be decided beforehand

Once the decision part is over, it will become easy to move forward and pull the whole thing off. This is mainly because of the fact that, taking the right decisions is the toughest bit, after that is done, applying them properly and getting the perfect results will become just a matter of time. Indeed this is going to be one of the simplest and smoothest parts of the whole deal.